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PINE & CO: Studio

PINE & CO: Studio is dedicated to customisation and bespoke formulation, catering to both partners and guests. Each formulation possesses a unique personality and is treated with the utmost respect, akin to a masterpiece. Our high-end shower essentials at PINE & CO: Studio are exclusively available offline, ensuring a sense of exclusivity tailored specifically for B2B clients and events.

PINE & CO: Studio

POP-UP Booth

PINE & CO: STUDIO, originally crafted for events and weddings, is now available at our public pop-up booth. Discover our exclusive 300ml body wash, infused with our signature blend or your chosen essential oils. Find us only at our physical pop-up booths.

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PINE & CO Studio - Natural Body Wash Formulations.jpg
Studio Pop-Up

PINE & CO: Studio

For Weddings & Events

An interactive and aromatic experience for your corporate event and wedding guests. Your guests will each receive a 50ml signature Pine & Co body wash. Using the essential oils provided, our dedicated staff will also guide your guests to curate their very own personalised aromatic body wash.

PINE & CO Studio for Weddings, Corporate events and Corporate gifts.JPG
Studio - Weddings and Events

PINE & CO: Studio

Bespoke Masterpieces

Hotel and B2B partners will join us on an exhilarating journey to explore perfect blends and innovative shower formulations that reflect the essence of their brand, providing guests with a truly memorable experience.

PINE & CO - Natural Body Wash for Hotels - Shower Amenities
Studio - Bespoke Masterpieces

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