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The idea of Pine & Co blossomed in late 2018 from the love of idylls, a strong passion for all things natural, and a desire to bring inspired artistry to body products. We set forth to present these often under appreciated yet mesmerizing elements through our textures and aromas, in every single drop of our natural body washes.


Pine & Co

Our name comes from our dedication to reliability, nature, and inclusivity. “Pine” represents our desire to bring natural, reliable, and multi-functional body washes that are timeless and for use through all seasons in life. “Co” stems from our love of collaborative work and inclusivity in our offerings and actions. Our products are by Us with You in mind.

Protect, Nourish, Restore

These are the three fundamental pillars of our body washes. Not only do they contain naturally antiseptic plant-based ingredients, they also effectively and gently cleanse your skin while nourishing it, and restoring its natural moisture barrier. We embrace nature to keep you safe.

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