The Story

We searched across the globe for the perfect ingredients to bring to you a harmony of benefits and experience in one, simple, bottle - a body wash that brings the best hydration and nourishment benefits to your skin, an effective plant-based and non-toxic antibacterial ingredient that does not damage your skin, and artisanal long-lasting aromas that were curated to bring to you the best showering experience. With all these combined, every drop of Pine & Co's pure and natural body wash revitalises your skin while keeping you germ-free and smelling amazing, the whole day.

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Reinforces your skin's natural moisturising factor,
Nourishes and hydrates your skin,
Eliminates germs with natural antibacterial properties,
Gentle and suitable for all skin-types,
Calms and soothe your skin,
Free from paraben, triclosan, alcohol, and colourant,
Gently and thoroughly cleanses your skin.