[Bundle of 4] - Antibacterial Natural Moisturising Body Wash - 500ml

Spring - with bergamot, lotus, lily, and patchouli
Summer - with Mandarin, Citrus Bloom, Amber


- Chamomile floral water

- Avena Strigosa Seed (Black oats) extract

- Olive extract

- Plant-based, non-toxic, & non-harsh proprietary active ingredient



- Antibacterial with our proprietary plant-based, non-toxic antimicrobial compound,

- Protection against 99.99% of germs and odour,

- Deeply moisturises your skin and restores your skin's natural moisturising factor with Avena Strigosa seed (Black Oats) extract,

- Extended skin hydration with Olive extract,

- Calms and soothes your skin with Chamomile floral water,

- Gentle and suitable for all skin types,

- Free from artificial colouring, paraben, alcohol, and harsh chemicals.


Our antibacterial active ingredient effectively eliminates viruses, bacteria, and fungi, without harming or drying the skin. Furthermore, with chamomile floral water, olive extract, and avena strigosa seed extract, you will be pampered with enhanced skin hydration and nourishment, keeping your skin soft, smooth, and supple.


Contains 4 x 500ml of Pine & Co's Antibacterial Natural Moisturising Body Wash

[Bundle of 4] - Antibacterial Natural Moisturising Body Wash - 500ml

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