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I used Pine & Co’s Antibacterial Natural Moisturising Body Wash for 1 week and was blown away

Updated: Dec 9, 2020


Like many others out there, I raise eyebrows at bold claims in advertisements when words such as “natural”, “perfect for sensitive skin” are thrown around so carefreely; even phrases such as “using this will change your life!” to exaggerate the wow-effect. I instantly project my disbelief for such products and marketing messages because my hunch is that one day, just one fine day, something on social media will shout about an all-out expose, debunking them. 


They might serve as just another senseless piece of entertainment there, but to me, it’s a case that’s more serious and sad: I would have spent real hard cash and more importantly, put my trust on these products, believing on the promises they made. I’d hate to be utterly disappointed at the end of the day.

But then just as my trust was about to be completely exhausted, I decided to take the leap of faith and try out Pine & Co’s Antibacterial Natural Moisturising Body Wash, just for kicks y’know. But hey, that led me to finally being able to attest for a great product out there for our skin. 

To give you some background, I am a sufferer of this uber-annoying autoimmune skin disorder called Psoriasis. I wake up every day clearing specks of dried, dead skin scales on my bed. I have to take special care of my skin and keep it moisturised throughout the day, which is a real challenge as meaningful, lasting moisturising and nourishing features for my skin are sorely lacking in products out there. Perhaps worse still is that most of the products out there actually dry out my skin after use — y’know, any one of those perpetually on “fire sale”?


Then came Pine & Co’s Antibacterial Natural Moisturising Body Wash ad into my IG feed one day. I was skeptical at first as they are a new brand, but a few keywords on their website piqued my interest: Plant-based and non-toxic natural ingredients. Continuous protection against germs. Extended moisturising effect. Free from paraben, harsh chemicals, alcohol, and artificial colouring. 

Wow, did my model solution just appear in front of my very eyes, wanting to save me from my predicament?

Swipe ‘n scroll. Read. Wow, a Singaporean brand? Steady, #SupportLocal all the way. Add to cart. Buy. 

Soon enough, the “Summer” body wash elixir called on my bathroom as their rightful new home. I didn’t hesitate one bit to jump gleefully into the shower, popping it into my skin. Let me detail my oh-so-glorious bathing experience, ever thankful to Pine & Co:


I didn’t quite believe it at first — the sensation as the body wash touched and cleansed my skin was unlike any other body wash I used before. Totally no BS — it was so gentle on my skin, and that’s when I know the olive extract was working its magic to hydrate and nourish my sensitive skin.


Pine & Co’s Antibacterial Natural Moisturising Body Wash uses a special extract of olive, which contains many natural vitamins for the skin, resulting in extended hydration and nourishment benefits to the skin. Furthermore, it provides emolliency and mildness to our formulations. Here’s a less-cheem version: a great moisturising effect which is not harsh on the skin at all.

Pardon me for talking more about my particular bathing experience that day; the body wash was truly a game changer, and I just felt that I wanted to use it more and more. My skin was loving it — and the summer scent of a clever blend of mandarin, citrus bloom and amber was actually really making me smell like legit perfume. Minus the free-radicals and toxic chemicals! 


After real reluctance to finish my awesome bathing experience with the body wash, I proceeded to dry myself up, conceding to myself the end of my ultra-comfy dreamlike experience. But wait. My skin felt different even after drying myself — almost as if it was embodying some sort of moisture on the surface. It felt smooth and supple — something only a handful of expensive skincare products are able to effect. 


I then got to know that this was thanks to a godsend ingredient called the Avena Strigosa Seed extract. An active ingredient in Pine & Co’s Antibacterial Natural Moisturising Body Wash, it plays a key role in helping to restore the skin's natural moisturising factor, and keep them hydrated and plump. Fact cookie: they are also commonly known as black oats! (heck, I thought they only existed in healthy foods!)


Basically the showering and post-shower experience on playback loop. Because my skin was treated to such goodness for 7 consecutive days, it actually became slightly more radiant and although cliche, I felt more at home in my own skin. My flakes started getting noticeably milder, and my skin felt significantly less dry. I’d think that it’s no surprise ‘cus Pine & Co’s Antibacterial Natural Moisturising Body Wash is produced using completely organic ingredients and sustainable manufacturing practices! 


I have to make a strong recommendation here: Pine & Co’s Antibacterial Natural Moisturising Body Wash is a no-brainer for those of us who have sensitive skin, a sucker for all-natural ingredients, or just want to nurture great, lasting supple skin. To be honest, Pine & Co might be the only brand that produces body washes that combines all 3 features — Antibacterial, Natural and Moisturising into a wholesome solution. Click here to get ‘em and experience the difference!


Bryan Chua Chia Chwin - Openhound Group