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For the Creative

We believe art and music are heightened forms of communication that serve as important vehicles for the expression of thoughts, ideas, and emotions, and are instrumental in the development of culture and values. We strive to share the passion and creativity of artists, craftsmen, and musicians with you.

For the Creatives

Kristen Leung

"Art and music are languages used to express the heart and soul when mere words are not enough. This language had the power to connect people through shared resonance." - Kristen Leung


The collaboration between Kristen and a public school in New York birthed a creativity-themed mural done by artist Kristen during the summer of 2021. Check out Kristen's works here.

Ng Sze Min

"Art creates dialogue; is an invitation to understand others, and yourself." - Sze Min.

Art gives us an opportunity to create a safe space for people to engage in meaningful dialogues. That is what music composer Ng Sze Min strives to achieve in her craft. 

Check out her works here.