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Pot of Roses


from the Idylls collection

Standing in the middle of the garden, wearing a white sundress, her long black hair swayed with the wind.

She bent down to smell the light pink roses as she picked one to put in her hair. All around her was nothing but a field of roses, her favorite roses. She danced, pranced, and started humming the most beautiful of songs. She stopped and smelled something so wonderful she began to search.

The rose garden was so big, and she was so small. She walked up a pink hill to a little cabin where she had discovered the smell. A freshly baked peach pie sat on the window seal by a peony in full bloom.

Her eyes widened as she approached only to be distracted by birds chirping. She found herself following the birds, where it took her to her window looking out at a blue jay singing in a tree with the morning sun behind it.

With a smile on her face, she ran to her mother and told her she wanted to plant a garden full of roses. But not just any roses... soft pink roses. 

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